Lean plans for the lean startup

You're on a budget, you're unsure what your needs are, and you can't really commit long-term right now.
It's O.K. - let's work out the right plan for you.
Need to roll out a new CRM or
developing a go to market plan?
Get a fixed price on that
Starting from $8,000
Growth Operations as a service
Ideal for teams who are looking to support growth while keeping headcount at bay
Starting from $5,000/mo
On demand
Fast response for requests that require limited attention actions such as new reports, added tech, campaigns, etc.

From 'nil' to 'up and running' in 3 weeks

Step 01

We sit with the c-suite to define actionable goals, KPIs, and timelines for execution

1-2 working days

Step 02
Team Interviews

We will interview each stake holder to understand current resources, systems and policies

3-7 working days

Step 03
Development & Setup

This is the stage where we get to do the heavy lifting:

Setting your new CRM, Ad-Account, Marketing-Automation system, perform market research, etc.

14-21 working days
Step 04

After we finish the development work, now it's time to show you what we have built and how to use it.
In case of a research, we will present our findings and recommendations

1-3 working days

Get help with

Salesforce setup
Marketo setup
Hubspot setup
Data cleanse
Sales/Mar Tech setup
Sales playbook
Reports & Dashboards
Email marketing
3rd party integrations
ICP development
Content development
Funnel optimization
Paid campaigns
Sales leadership
Product positioning
Account Based Marketing

What can you expect?

Delivery to your satisfaction
It's not delivered until you say it is!
+15 years of experience
Well-rounded knowledge
One stop shop solution
Leave the hassle to us
Keeping it agile & frugal
Simple & low TCO solutions, always

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