Introducing SimpleCRM

A lean CRM designed for SaaS startups

Track everything

including MRR

  • Leads and Contacts
  • Deals and subscriptions
  • Accounts
  • Activities and alerts
  • MRR tracking and client cohorts
  • Campaigns


Heck yeah!

  • Complete leads, deals, account reports
  • Analyze Campaigns effectiveness and ROI
  • See MRR trends
  • Analyze churn

Sales Automation

Like a boss

  • Design and deploy automated outeach cadences
  • Email, Linkedin Request and phone reminders
  • Get notification and alerts when it's time to act

It's free and open

you'll love it

  • Copy the Airtable™️ base and use it
  • Get up and running in minutes
  • Check out the setup guide for advanced features
  • Need help? Shoot an email to: